Camp Florida Property Owners Association

Lake Placid, Florida 33852

BOD Minutes, 2018



March 1, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


March 28, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


April 5, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


December 6, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Camp Florida POA Board of Directors Meeting

 Thursday, December 6, 2018


          1. Call to order at 1 PM. 

          2. Pledge of Allegiance 

          3. Members present: Blackwell, Blakeslee, Myall, Ridley, Wood. 

          4. Approval of agenda.

          5. Roberts rules of order sheets passed out.

          6. Approval of April 2018 and November 2018 minutes 

          7. Treasures report Budget reviewed

a. Motion: I move to accept the proposed 2019 budget. Blackwell Second Blakeslee. Motion approved

b. Firepit: Motion: I move that Hal Sutton be reimbursed $2000 for fire pit costs. Motion Blackwell, Second Wood. Approved

   8. Committee reports

a. ARC Committee

1. Committee is looking for A full-time resident to serve during the summer months.

2. Driveway permit- Highlands County is becoming a problem. 

b. Activities committee-volunteers needed

c. Election committee. Next election February 16, 2019 three board positions will be up for election. Blakeslee, Myall, Wood

           9. New business

a. Tree cutting - the board well follow established policy.

b. Road coating- tabled for further study

c. Portable towable man lift - tabled for further study

d. Storage area violations- no new sheds will be allowed.

e. Front gate. Needs lightning protection. Table for further study. Motion: I move to leave the gates open from 7 AM to 3:30 PM Monday through Friday during the months of November through April. Motion Myall seconded Blakeslee, Motion approved.

f. Presentation by Blackwell of a property disbursement due to his retirement.

         10. Information items

a. Presentation of summer invoices-see attached

b. CPR classes: January 29, 2019 and February 19, 2019

11. Presidents comments- speed limit reminder, recycling rules.

 12. General members comments: tree policy, firepit, budget concerns, gate concerns.

 13. Next meeting January 3, 2019.

 14. Meeting adjourned at 3:02 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Fred Myall, secretary