Camp Florida Property Owners Association

Lake Placid, Florida 33852




Thursday, January 3, 2019


1. Call to Order at 1:00 PM

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Roll Call: present Blackwell, Blakeslee, Myall, Ridley, Wood

4. Additions of agenda. Items are added to the agenda. Amended agenda approved.

5. Minutes from the December Meeting. December meeting minutes approved.

6. Treasurer’s Report-

a. Budget review-Performance vs. Budget

b. Current Balances

c. Review of Treasurers letter to Board Members

7. Committee Reports

a. ARC Committee

i. Information-Contractors must have insurance/workman’s comp/Contractors

ii. Information-All changes made to an Owners site must be plotted and approved-
Sheds, Irrigation, Patios, etc. As built drawings will be required to avoid
problems in the future.

iii. The owner is responsible for assuring that Camp Florida Rules are met.

b. Activities Committee

i. Need for Volunteers

ii. The grills at the Pool, if dirty call Maintenance

c. Election Committee-next Annual Meeting is 02-16-2019. Three Board Positions will be

8. New Business

a. Maintenance vehicles; tabled for research

b. Bingo Machine; tabled, research into best technology and funding.

c. The rocks in circle C, may cause a problem for large vehicles entering and leaving the
circle. Members were informed of this problem.

9. Old Business-Tabled from last Meeting

a. Roads and application of PolyTar, bids and Pricing tabled for more research

b. Lift a Loft-Bids and pricing tabled for more research

c. Lightning Protection-Bids tabled for more research

10. Information items-One more time

a. We will be having CPR Classes again

b. P.O. A. Assessments are not to be paid to the office but follow the instructions on the
bill and mail to Colley Financial

c. Water leak from Summer-History and results*

d. Request by Owner for summer weekend Security*

12. President’s Information items

a. Speed limit is 15 MPH includes Golf Carts and Bicycles

b. Don’t bring trash from off site and deposit it in our receptacles. Don’t invite non
owners into the Camp and have them put their trash into our receptacles.

13. Comments from Members-3 minute limit. Members commented on nifty lift, security in the

14. Next Meeting is scheduled for February 7, 2019

15. Meeting adjourned at 1:57 PM

Respectively submitted by Fred Myall, board secretary


Camp Florida Property Owners Association

 Board of Directors meeting

 Thursday, February 7 2019


1. Call to order 1 PM

 2. Pledge of Allegiance

 3. Meeting suspended for presentation of LP Leisure LLC and Auction company at 1:02 pm

 Information presented on upcoming auction of properties in and around Camp Florida.

4. Meeting reconvened at 1:30 PM

 5. Attendance: Blackwell, Blakeslee, Myall, Ridley, Wood

6. Recognitions of those volunteers who have helped the park

7. Minutes from January meeting,

 Motion for approval by Blackwell seconded by Blakeslee, Motion carried.

8. Information about the State of the Union in Camp Florida, topics covered $500,000 pinnacle, suspension of covenants in 2020, potential purchase of package 13 of the leisure sales package, water company rate increase meeting February 26 2019 at 3 PM, Workmen's Comp, we will be going to a new carrier.

9. Review of budget current balances; see attached.

10. Committee reports:

a. ARC Committee-no report

b. Activities Committee-no report

c. Election committee-next annual meeting is February 16, 2019. We will be voting on three positions vacated, and the purchase of package 13 LP Leisure sales.

11. New business

 a. Suspension of covenants 2020; discussion of the state law concerning the covenants and renewal.

b. Water company rate increase meeting with the public service commission on site on February 26, 2019 at 3 PM.

c. Workmen's Comp. plans new options are being studied.

12 Old business report.

Water leak from October-still waiting for Highlands County to respond.

13. Old business tabled from last meeting;

a. Roads and applications of poly tar, bids pricing. Still tabled for study.

b. Lightning protection- done and corrected.

14. Discussion concerning possible purchase of property from leisure sales.

Members concerns:

 1. Has has the building been inspected as to its soundness.

 2. The cost of owning the building.

 3. What will we be using it for?

 4. Don't need the room.

 5. Need more information.

 6. Money can be spent on more important things.

 7. Extra security and maintenance costs.

 17. Comments from a member regarding Roberts Rules of Order.

18. Meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m.