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Lake Placid, Florida 33852
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                            SPEED LIMIT IS 15 MPH
               LAKEVIEW CLUBHOUSE — 863-699-4063
                      WEB SITE — campfloridapoa.org
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                                                                Thursday, March 9, 2017

To all P.O.A. Members and E-Mail Recipients,

Just a little note to tell you about some of the things that are going on over the next few weeks.

1    On Friday evening at 7:00 P.M., we are dedicating the Social Hour to Linda Young.  Rich said that she wanted people to come and have fun, so lets all go and honor her memory.

2    The Cabaret Show will be held Sunday evening at 7:00 P.M.  BYOB and snacks and sit and have a good time watching all of the Camp Florida Folks put on a good show for us.  Singing and dancing and a joke or two will provide a big night of enjoyment.

3    On March 19th at 2:00 P.M., we will be honoring Diane Snyder and her contributions to the Camp.  Ice cream Social to be held at 6:30 P.M.

4    On March 17th, we will be having a St. Patrick's Day Dinner with roast beef, corned beef and ham along with all the appropriate vegetables.  Come and join us for one of Tony and Paul's fabulous dinners.  Tickets are available.

5    Don't forget the Going Away Potluck, to be held on March 23.  Small donation to cover the ham.

6    We will be having an Easter dinner, details to be announced.

7    Don't forget to reset your clocks this weekend as we begin daylight savings time.  The clocks are to be set ahead one hour.

Warmest Regards,

Bruce Ridley


                                     Free For All
On Saturday, March 18th, at the Clubhouse during the Pancake              Breakfast (8:00 - 10:00 am.) We will be hosting a
                                     "Free For All"
Bring clean, usable items no longer wanted and someone may be                             able to put them to good use
                            All items are to be Free
Leftovers maybe picked up at 10:30 am.  Items remaining               after 10:30 will be boxed and donated to NU-Hope.
So, clean out the nooks & crannies and clean out the clutter and                your unwanted items will find a new home.

        If you have questions, please see Lynne Cadden at
                                     41 Freedom way.

                                         Rememberance Gathering
                         In Memory Of Diane Snyder
      Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Board member, and Friend.
             There will be a "Rememberance Gathering"
        Held on Sunday, March 19th at the Clubhouse
                                     at 2:00 pm.

If you can Assist Please call either Peg Murray at (863)465-5707
             Or Lynne Cadden at (734)320-0919
                                   Thank You

           Active Committees

Activities Chair: Joanne Shilling
Entertainment Chair: Carole Petersen
Food Chair: Tony Tornatore, Ethel Stephenson
Scheduling Chair:  Gary Shilling
Music Chair:  Buzz Howes

Speed Limit is 15 miles per hour.
Cardboard MUST be taken to recycling bin in Winn-Dixie’s parking lot. Yard waste and construction debris is NOT to be put in the trash dumpsters.  
All additions/changes to the Activities Calendar or Critter need to be cleared with the Activities Chair

                                           Special Notes
Volunteers are always needed. Guests as well as POA residents are encouraged to help. Please see postings at the Clubhouse for the various activities that NEED YOUR HELP!
 Office Help and Ticket Sales
 Canteen and Pool Side Grilling
 Special Events and Dinner Chairpersons and committees.

Tickets for dinners, shows, etc. may be purchased in advance M-F from 10-12 at the Clubhouse Library.

Tables/chairs are available for residents use. Sign out in the POA Office or on the bulletin board next to the office.

Medical and baby equipment is available for residents use. Sign out in POA Office.

Bulletin Boards on the bathhouses are reserved for park functions ONLY. Please, do not put personal flyers on them. There are BB in both clubhouses for personal and community flyers. ln addition, we ask that flyers be kept to 1/2 pages.

Wheel/transport Chairs are located inside the west side
door for your use to and from the Clubhouse.


We have Horse Shoes, Boccie Ball, Baseball, Darts, Shuffleboard, Golf, Tennis, Pickleball, Table Tennis, Etc. 
                                IMPORTANT PLEASE
Golf carts are URGED to “hug" the painted lines on parking places at the clubhouse. This provides room for 2 carts per parking space which means more spaces for all of us. Also, please do not park golf carts on the grass.

If you  have  Pictures, Restaurants, Lodges or other information that you would like posted, send them in a email to caddenmr@yahoo.com or drop them off at 41 Freedom way    Thank You      
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