,Camp Florida Property Owners Association
Lake Placid, Florida 33852
        For more information see Critter or Calendar Page

                            SPEED LIMIT IS 15 MPH
               LAKEVIEW CLUBHOUSE — 863-699-4063
                      WEB SITE — campfloridapoa.org
               HOURS — MONDAY — FRIDAY 10:00 —- 12:00 

             GR= Great Room CR= Card Room Lib. =Library


Seeking Candidates For The POA Board of Directors
In February, 2017, we will be electing 3 positions to the POA Board of Directors. These positions will serve a 2 year term.
Any interested Camp Florida Property Owner" that would like to be a Candidate to serve on the Board of Directors must su
bmit a Letter of Intent, accompanied with a brief 1 Page Resume, to any of the following Search/Election Committee Members PRIOR TO THE January27, 2017 Deadline: _  
 Sandy Bowers: 22 Beachfront Ln. JLSRBoWers@ya'hoo.com  Richard Heinbach: 294 Shoreline Dr.  Tenart294@AOL.com  Ron Hazelton: 10 Hidden Harbor HaZelton6677@yahoo.com  Bill Longpre: 6 Hidden Harbor Ln. bamaclebill07@AOL.com  Jim Lucey: 16 Inner Lane J aluc4@AOL.com  Darrel Richards: 252 Shoreline Dr. srichards333@yahoo.com  David Shoemaker: 278 Shoreline Dr. ShoemakerDavid6@gmail.com   Questions or comments can be directed to any of the above.
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Activities Committees
Activities Chair: Joanne Shilling
Entertainment Chair: Carole Petersen
Food Chair: Tony Tornatore Ethel Stephenson
Gary Shilling Scheduling Chair:
Buzz Howes Music Chair:

 Speed Limit is 15 miles per hour.
 Cardboard MUST be taken to recycling bin in Winn-Dixie’s parking lot. Yard waste and construction debris is NOT to be put in the trash dumpsters.  All additions/changes to the Activities Calendar or Critter need to be cleared with the Activities Chair

                                           Special Notes
Volunteers are always needed. Guests as well as POA residents are encouraged to help. Please see postings at the Clubhouse for the various activities that NEED YOUR HELP!
 Office Help and Ticket Sales
 Canteen and Pool Side Grilling
 Special Events and Dinner Chairpersons and committees.

Tickets for dinners, shows, etc. may be purchased in advance M-F from 10-12 at the Clubhouse Library.                           

                       Tables/chairs are available for residents use. Sign out in the POA Office or on the bulletin board next to the office.

Medical and baby equipment is available for residents use. Sign out in POA Office.

Bulletin Boards on the bathhouses are reserved for park functions ONLY. Please, do not put personal flyers on them. There are BB in both clubhouses for personal and community flyers. ln addition, we ask that flyers be kept to 1/2 pages.

Wheel/transport Chairs are located inside the west side
door for your use to and from the Clubhouse.
                              Ice Cream Social
   Come on down to the Clubhouse and enjoy a great ice cream sunday on January 22, February 5, February 19, March 19, and April 2, From 6:30 to 7:30 pm. You will have choice of butterscotch, caramel, strawberry or hot fudge toppings. Each is topped with whipped cream, nuts and a maraschino cherry if you desire. The cost is $2.50 per person to be paid that evening. be sure to sign up at the office so enough supplies can be bought in for the evening.      
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      The new Scheduled for Horseshoe Effective 1/1/2017  

                        Mondays 1 pm Women                                                               Wednesday 1 pm Men
                        Saturday 1 pm Co-ed

                              CHILI COOK OFF
                        Tuesday, January. 17th 5 pm.
$5.00 to Sample & Judge, then enjoy a bowl of your favorite Chili
                1st, 2nd & 3rd place CASH WINNERS
                      Door Prize!!!!    @ the clubhouse

           2017 Pampered Chef New years Resolution
                      SHED IT and SPREAD IT
                         Pampered Chef Party
     Thursday, January 26th @ 11:00 am at the clubhouse. 

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                       Attention Indiana Hoosiers
           It's time to celebrate Indiana Day at Camp Florida !!!
             Sunday, February 5th 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
At the clubhouse. for additional information Contact Irene Meyer                            12 Oak Ridge Circle  
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                         BOCCE IS COMING BACK
     If you know Bocce or want to learn or help get the court going.
Contact Bill or Francie Driscoll. phone # 913-290-0389   Current address :228 Shoreline dr     Effective January 10th Bocce Ball will be played Tuesday and Thursday From 10;00 am - 12;00 noon.

                     Michigan Party February 12th 1 pm
       Bring a dish to pass, Michigan Items for door Prizes
                      Questions call 517-522-4962

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                    GET YOUR BOOSTER TICKETS
                          NOV. THROUGH JAN
                 The following people will be selling tickets
Jerry Bowers 22 Beachfront. Peg or Rich Vedder 10 Hidden cove.
Dick Spenser 28 Sandpine. Terry Boothby 6 Windward. Dan Woods 53 Hidden Harbor. Bill Longpre 6 Hidden Harbor. Gary Shilling POA Office. Windel Wilke Hidden Harbor. Jim Newberry 48 Beachfront. Mike Seamans 12 Inner lane. Dotty Ridley 57 Freedom Way  

                              WEDNESDAYAT 8;30 AM 
                   starting November 2nd in front parking lot

                        FRIDAY SOCIAL  6 PM - 9 PM
   Bring your own beverage of Choice and snacks if Desired
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                             ACTIVITIES MEETING
The activities meeting will be held on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 @ 11 am in the card room and every Thursday there after any one interested may come to any or all meetings of the ACTIVES COMMITTEE

                                BUNKO PARTY 
The cost is $5.00 per person all the money will be used for Prizes.
        For your Reference BUNKO is on the 3rd Saturday

                                                                    Come join us
Line Dancing Has Started
Lakeview Club House
Monday Evenings
6:30-8:00 Everybody Welcome! Beginners, too!
New Dances by Betty Starting Dec or Sooner 6:00
Beginners on Tues. 2:00 By Rockie!
Joyce Covington 309-642-5881 24 Hidden Harbor ln

Golf Tuesday A.M at Placid Lakes Golf Course, Shotgun Start everyone Welcome! SPECIAL RATES Starting 11/8/16 Join any week: Foursomes, Couples, Singles, Guys, Gals Non Committing NO Pressure Make your own game. 9 Holes or 18 with a cart Need to know by Sunday at the latest.
November 18 Holes with a cart $23.00 Per Person
                    9 Holes With a cart $16:50
December 18 Holes $25:00
January     18 Holes $28:00
Please contact me as soon as Possible Joyce Covington (jcov24@yahoo.com)

Don't Forget Sunday Night Darts! 6:30 Pool House come check it out.
                           Sweet Home Alabama
                       Lots of redneck fun & Food! 
                                Y'ALL COME!
                      Everyone in the park is Invited
         Saturday, January 28, 2017 Doors open at 2:00 pm
                 Door Prizes!   Games!  Trivia!   Dancing!
Please bring a Dessert or salad. everything else will be Provided

                                IMPORTANT PLEASE
Golf Carts are URGED To “hug" The painted lines on parking places at The clubhouse. This equals (2) carts per parking space which equals more spaces for all of us. Also please do not park golf carts on The grass.

If you  have  Pictures, Restaurants, Lodges or other information that You would Like posted send them in a email to caddenmr@yahoo.com or drop them off at 41 Freedom way    Thank You      2802
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